Friday, May 8, 2009

Where did all the hours go?

Yup, you caught us. We've already missed posts in the first full week of our blog. We've got a pretty good excuse, however. We're swamped! (Yay!) This year marks the 50th anniversary of performances at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse, with the first show opening on the 15th -- one week from today. In conjunction with this landmark date, the BCPA Foundation is just now completing a $1.1 million renovation of the theater itself, with a new sound system, new HVAC and a stunning lobby expansion. The photo here is a shot of the exterior. Earlier this week the cleaning crew finally finished up, and a couple of board members realized that many of the displays that used to hang on the walls looked a in comparison to the rest of the space. So, they contacted us for designs to display 50 years of programs, head shots of the performers and directors, and a few other select pieces -- all to be completed by next Thursday! As a result, everything else came to a full stop while we created a design concept that works with the unusual hanging system and the decor -- we'll post photos after everything is installed.
Art Walk is tomorrow -- we'll post photos of the newly rehung gallery and the big party next week.

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