Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where to Start?

Since our intent for this little corner of Cyberspace is to supplant our website -- at least for the time being -- there are all sorts of things we want to post here, like RIGHT NOW! Information about the artists we represent, paintings currently available in the gallery, a description and photographs of the amazing shadowbox Christine designed last month, cool new photoframes we just unpacked -- there's so much that we could both sit at a computer all day, uploading and posting until the sun goes down. But, there's always work to be done, so we have to proceed in a logical and methodical manner.
So, for today, a list of the artists whose pieces we're currently showing. It's not a big list; our philosophy is to have a large body of work from a few people, rather than one or two paintings each from a bunch of folks. We're currently showing paintings and photographs from twelve artists, all from Montana, and we're hoping to add some very unique sculpture for the upcoming summer season. Our artists are:

Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey
Brady Fisher
Mark Gibson
Carol Hagan
Scott Hale
Billy Knoll
Bruce Park
Genise Park
Brian Schweyen
Christine Vandeberg
Carole Wade
Clint Walker
As time allows, we will post a brief bio and some photos of current works from each artist, and we'll edit this post so that each name becomes a hotlink to that artist's "page." If you see something you like, we encourage you to contact us -- new pieces arrive often, so we should always have something else to show you. Stay tuned...

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