Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Turn and face the strain, ch-ch-changes...  (oops...stop singing!)

Lots of changes on tap for Frame of Reference in 2014!  The biggest, and the most bittersweet, is that Christine and Roxie are chasing their respective dreams in Vermont as of January 1, 2014.  After many years of living in Limbo, hoping to return home to rejoin her family in the Green Mountain State, it has finally happened!  Enough pieces have fallen into place, allowing me to buy Christine out of the framing business; she is staying on as a design consultant on a permanent basis, so I'll still have help and advice on the projects that escape my creative side.  I'm thrilled for her, and I miss her and Roxie tremendously, but I soldier on.

For those of you who want to know what Christine is up to, follow her on her blog, www.paintonpurpose.blogspot.com.

As for me, I'm up to a ton of things!  In addition to having to learn the accounting side of the business, I'm making a few organizational changes, streamlining the production schedule, and as always, heading to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks to check out what's new and cool on the market, to make sure that you've got access to the latest and greatest.

Also on tap - a commitment to being a little more connected to the world.  I will do my best to post something new to the blog every week; most of those posts will be project oriented now.  And, as much as it pains me to do so, I've taken over the Frame of Reference Facebook page - look there for photos, current business hours, upcoming events and cool projects, and maybe an occasional photo of Roxie for those of you who need a fix.

Last, and most certainly not least, a website!  We've done the blog for years - there's no need to go into the myriad reasons for this - and I've finally committed to getting a real website online.  We'd hoped for mid-January, but the holiday season and the huge business changeover sort of took precedent, so look for a launch in February.  Stay tuned!