Saturday, January 26, 2013

Starting the year with a bang

It is January.

Sorry, but that needed saying right off the bat.  And not only is it January, it is almost the end of January.    Good gracious - how did that happen?

These dark and dreary winter months are not generally chock full of art sales.  Yes - shocking, isn't it?  The world is hibernating.  The world is home, glued to the couch.  The world is watching football.  The world is not shopping for art.

Except on some days.

Like today.

Derek just got back from delivering and installing two beautiful pastels by one of our favorite local artists, Jeanette Rehahn.  "Mood Indigo" was one of them:

The other - "Swan Valley at Rest" - was just framed last week and never even made it onto the wall here at the gallery:

From Jeanette's Statement of Purpose:

 The natural world has always been at the center of Jeanette’s life.  Her first choice of vacation or a day off is always wilderness. Her private friends are those who live in the wild, quiet places... the forest, grasses, the clouds.  Northwestern Montana’s abundant natural beauty:  Its mountains, lakes, ponds and vast skies, compel Jeanette to respond to it.  She notices the simple surprises as well as the majestic scenes of quiet beauty others may pass by. You won’t find man-made structures in her work, only nature as she would present herself without interference.

Here are a few more of Jeanette's pastels, including another brand new piece that has yet to make it up onto the wall:

Thank you, Jeanette, for hanging your beautiful work here in our gallery, and for helping to make this our best January ever!

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