Sunday, October 28, 2012

All the News that Fits

Humor me for a second.  Real quick, go to the last post and read the very beginning.  I'll wait.


Got it?  The part about how we missed the ENTIRE month of June?

Now look at today's date.


Thank goodness we hired a new Social Media Director.  Hopefully she will help keep us on track.  Here she is, ready for her close-up:

Not only do I have to teach her to type, I guess I also have to teach her how to use my new camera.  So don't be surprised if, in the future, you see a lot of pictures like this:

In the meantime, Roxie has asked me to muddle through once again, and fill you in on everything new at the gallery.  I will do my best.

First of all, we've got a bunch of this going on...

... because we've got a whole lot of new artwork!  It's crazy!  First, this sweet little guy from Sarah Rogers.  He is called the "Night Watchman."

Ed Gillenwater has been frantically finishing up a few new pieces before he heads out of town for the winter.  Ed's furniture has been flying out the door this year - a new commissioned console table just went to its new home this morning, in fact!  The dragonfly tile in this decorative wall piece is only about 2" square.  I've got it sitting on an easel in our front window:

We have a couple of new pieces from Tabby Ivy, and a whole bunch from Louise Lamontagne.

Roxie is ridiculing me because I forgot to write down the names of these two paintings.  She says she would never make such a foolish mistake.

In the custom framing department, we have been busy, busy, busy.  In fact, we just had our best September ever.  HA!  We have had great success with a line of moulding manufactured by one nice guy named Doug right down the road in Belgrade, Montana.  He has come up with a great rustic, western alternative to barnwood.

Last but not least, we also have a few new photo frames.  The frames in the first picture are supposedly made from naturally shed buffalo horn.  I don't know if I believe that, but they are really quite lovely.  The frames in the last picture are just your every day, regular, run-of-the-mill bling.

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