Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reception and Festival Recap

Wow - what a crazy week last week turned out to be.  The Artists' Reception for Tabby, Jeanette and Lisa was insane - the gallery was packed from just before 5p until almost 9p, nearly an hour after we normally shut things down.  We sold three paintings the night of the event, something that's always a pleasant surprise - people usually look during the opening, then purchase later.  Friday night saw the three of us (Roxie, too) exhausted and ready for a break, but no such luck, as Christine had a booth in the Festival of the Arts this year. Back at 6a to finish framing her last few pieces, then out on the street at 7:30 to help with setup.  Christine had a good show - she sold a handful of paintings and took a couple of commissions, and she had a great time.  The gallery was quite busy, and the new layout on the street was fantastic.  I'll write a more extensive post with more photos in a couple of days, but now I have to return to framing; we're behind on the work, and frantically trying to catch up. 

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