Friday, June 10, 2011

Take a Chill Pill!

Here's the completed shadowbox for which I posted a teaser photo yesterday.  This was a fun one!  Here's the story: the box was built for a group of emergency medicine physicians in Newark, New Jersey, as an end-of-year gift for their boss, the Emergency Medicine Program Director.  The Director, who shall remain nameless, is reputed to be just a bit...umm...intense at times.  One of the docs jokes occasionally about taking a chill pill, and so we created this for them.

The box is obviously modeled after those hallway fire extinguishers in boxes marked, "In Case of Fire, Break Glass."  (In doing some research for the project, I did run across a photo of a chainsaw in a box - the lettering said, "In Case of Zombie Attack, Break Glass".)  This one contains a giant prescription bottle of "chill pills" and the directions for use state to take "1 tab every hour as needed for stress caused by residents," and to refill "Often - very, very often."  The capsules are actually pill containers - they're roughly the size of a really big grape, and each one is labelled "Chill."  There's an attached hammer in a cute floral pattern (the Director is a woman) and the glass is pre-broken with the capsules spilling out of the bottle - as if we'd captured the moment of ultimate need.  It's tough to see in the first photo, so here's a detail shot with the light reflecting on the cracks...

All in all, a fun tongue-in-cheek tribute to stress relief!

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