Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paint on Purpose

Okay, so in the last post I mentioned that Christine has been painting in earnest, and that I recently sold four of her landscapes in the gallery. Christine is kicking around three distinct styles currently - the aforementioned trees and words (as shown in the previous post) and abstractions like the one above. We discovered that paintings like this one are somewhat difficult to frame; too much going on around them diminishes the strength of the central figure, but putting them in a little nothing frame makes them seem...confined, I suppose. As a result of this, Christine has been experimenting with mounting her paper paintings on prepared gallery-wrapped canvases - it's a great technique that allows a painting to be displayed without a frame. Watch for more pictures as she completes a few more pieces.

The painting sales have given Christine a healthy boost of self-confidence, and she's making plans to begin entering art festivals, her first likely being the Festival of the Arts here in Bigfork. This event always falls on the first full weekend of August, and brings roughly 10,000 people to Bigfork to walk the streets and shop the festival. Start painting now, Christine - you need a lot of stuff to fill that booth!

Final thought for the day: Christine has started her own blog to catalog her paintings and the process - find it at http://www.paintonpurpose.blogspot.com/.

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