Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jelly Belly Bus Comes to Bigfork!

Today was a SWEET day in the Village - the Jelly Belly Bus came to town! The owners of Jelly Belly have a summer home in the Lakeside/Rollins area, and they worked with the owners of S.M. Bradford and Co. to have their tour bus spend the day on Electric Avenue.

Several area businesses participated, putting up signs and banners, and some (like Frame of Reference) had drawings and door prizes that were Jelly Belly themed. The Jelly Belly crew gave away free samples all day, and the highlight for most of the small children was the "Tasting Wheel" - you spun a wheel that told you what color bean to sample, and in that bin were two flavors that looked similar but didn't taste at all alike. For example, Blueberry was mixed up with Toothpaste, and you didn't know what you were getting until you tasted. We heard rumors of Skunk flavored beans, and Christine's personal favorite was Pencil Shavings - not that she was brave enough to taste it...
The Jelly Belly Beetle was here, too.
Our contest was to guess the number of Jelly Bellys used to make the mat for this spectacular photo of Roxie. Email a guess if you'd like - we'll entertain entries through tomorrow afternoon!
The afternoon was supposed to end with Jelly Belly Martinis for the adults, but the flavoring agents were mistakenly left off the bus, much to our dismay! Ah, well - we probably shouldn't have started thinking about Martinis at noon anyway...
Thanks, Jelly Belly, and thanks to Donna Shanahan Interiors and the Emmerts of S.M. Bradford for putting this fun day together!

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