Friday, June 25, 2010

New Art, Busy Summer

Okay, we're a little behind. I've actually put "BLOG" in big orange letters on the scheduling calendar every Wednesday, with the intent being to help me remember to blog regularly. I was out of town last week, and Christine had planned to write the post, but she was absolutely SWAMPED! It's been quite busy these past few weeks, with both gallery browsers (and buyers!) and framing clients, and there was simply too much work for one person last week.

When I returned to work this past Sunday, we agreed to take on a series of very time sensitive jobs with much less than our usual turnaround time, so the blog got postponed again! Today is a fill-in, with two posts of substance to follow this weekend. As a teaser, I'll share that one post is about a custom medicine cabinet which I built and installed last week - it was a fun project that has helped to transform a small bathroom remodel.

For the other post, you get a visual teaser. The painting below - "The Journey Begins" - is an original oil painting by Lakeside painter Tabby Ivy, our newest artist! We've been framing Tabby's work for several years; most of what she painted was for friends or museum fundraisers. Up to this point, she has not been represented by a gallery. We broached the subject earlier this Spring and Tabby jumped at the chance. We've just received five new paintings which will be framed and ready for display by next week. At that point, I'll do a full post about Tabby and her artwork, but until then, feast your eyes on this...

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