Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring Art Walk 2010: Bacon and Eggs?

Please join us this Saturday, May 8th, for the Spring Art Walk in Bigfork. The Taste of Bigfork in late April and the Spring Art Walk in May traditionally mark the beginning of the "season" here in Bigfork - this is the time of year when the golf course at Eagle Bend is lush and green, the flowers are in bloom in front of the Playhouse and the folks who summer in Bigfork start to arrive in greater numbers. The "second homers" here now are probably a little dismayed, as are most of us who live here, because Spring seems to be completely unwilling to make an appearance. Yesterday found temperatures in the mid 30s, and snow fell pretty much all day, though it never accumulated here in town. It's May - what's up? We're all a little stir crazy here in Bigfork - not enough sun and not enough time on the lake or in the yard. However, this weekend is supposed to be warm and dry, so you should plan on spending part of the afternoon on Electric Avenue, strolling through the shops and galleries, sampling goodies and chatting with your friends and neighbors.

For several years now we've hired a caterer to prepare the food for our Summer artist's receptions (thanks, Josh!) but we always prepare food ourselves for Art Walk. We generally try and work around some sort of theme; this year's is Bacon and Eggs! No, we won't be serving breakfast, but every single item, both savory and sweet, is going to feature either bacon or eggs or both. I'm not going to spoil the surprise by revealing any dishes just yet, so you'll have to stop in to find out exactly what we've got up our sleeves. We'll be open until 7 on Saturday, so make a point to visit us.

Of course, the point of Art Walk isn't to showcase the food, so we're rehanging the gallery and will feature several new paintings and prints for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure. It's still pretty drab outside, so come in for a bit of color! We look forward to seeing you!

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